The opportunity

Why franchise?

Franchising offers a proven route to owning your own business and being your own boss.

Working for yourself is a big decision. You need to ensure you are confident in your own skills and are self-motivated enough to make the move into self-employment. If you do take the plunge, the numbers stack up. Franchised businesses are many more times likely to succeed than individual start-ups, with a 90% success rate, versus a 20% success rate for non-franchised business start-ups.

If you are committed to working for yourself, then franchising is a smart way to go.

There are many advantages; those chances of succeeding are increased because you are buying into a proven business model, with a brand name and the economies of scale that come with belonging to a larger group.

There is initial and ongoing training opportunities, which are invaluable, and a support structure in place from a proven franchisor to help you every step of the way; working together to grow your business.

Making your franchise business a success takes dedication and commitment before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and gain the lifestyle benefits that come with working for yourself and running your own business.

Discovery Days are a great way to make considered comparisons before you commit. When making your final decision, consider the following:

1. Set your investment level

Don’t try to make fit what you cannot afford.

2. Check the suitability

Does it fit with your financial needs, lifestyle ambitions and career aspirations?

3. Be confident in the industry

Do something you feel comfortable with, use your background – don’t throw it away – and avoid trends and ‘fad’ industries.

4. Seek impartial advice

Talk to the banks, use the BFA to access legal and financial advisors that understand franchising.

5. Compare your shortlist

Visit the franchisors. Make a pros and cons list and draw up some questions and devise a scoring strategy to take the emotion out of your decision.

6. Make a decision

If you cannot decide to commit, maybe being your own boss is not for you. If you are struggling to decide, don’t forget you haven’t spent any money yet. You can always start your consideration process again.

Who we look for

We are looking for experienced businessmen and women who are motivated to gain control of their lives by being their own boss and who are hungry to succeed.

ERA UK attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds; from the armed forces to teaching, from consultancy to finance, from salespeople to managing directors and from retail to manufacturing. Our franchise business model works for people from many walks of life.

Most are looking for flexibility and control after many years of corporate life. Wanting to work for themselves, putting the business acumen and skills they have learned along the way to good use. They reap the benefits and earn what they deserve, rather than their hard work benefitting someone else.

Our growth strategy lies in growing the individual businesses of our Franchise Partners, rather than selling more and more franchises. Each year, we only seek to recruit enough new Franchise Partners to replace retirees and ensure our numbers remain static. Instead, we focus our attention on assisting everyone in the network with training and development sessions and by providing the tools and opportunities to help each Franchise Partner to grow their business.

This short video explains what we do for our clients.

The concept

We take already capable and experienced business people and train them to use our franchise model.

Our proven model will be taught in detail during your initial five week training period. We will help you to:

  • Examine the existing spending patterns of your clients and identify areas for improvement
  • Use your experience and our expertise to study the market options and provide best value solutions
  • Implement any required changes and monitor ongoing spending to ensure identified savings are achieved

Following training you work to win clients, manage the relationship with them and their multiple stakeholders, and either complete simple projects yourself, or use your network of colleagues to deliver the project work on behalf of your clients.

Our clients either pay a consultancy rate by the day, an agreed fixed fee, or on a contingency basis where you typically share the savings on a 50/50 basis with the client. If you are working with another franchise partner who is delivering the project for you, then you will simply share the fee with them.

The benefits

Having your own business brings many benefits. For some it’s all about enjoying the freedom, flexibility and sense of pride from being their own boss.

For others, they enjoy being able to work from home, kissing goodbye to the commute and the exasperation of the corporate ladder, or simply being there to put their children to bed at night.

Many people looking for a franchise are doing so for personal reasons; perhaps the personal satisfaction of running their own business, perhaps a desire to retain more of the income they have generated for their employers.

Whatever your motivation is, these benefits and more are possible with ERA UK.

Work from home

The business doesn’t require huge capital outlay on premises, equipment or stock. All you really need to start your ERA business is a laptop and phone. Working from home can bring tangible benefits, though it isn’t for everybody. You need to be self-motivated and prepared to work hard, without distractions in order to put in the effort required to succeed.

Lucrative earning potential

ERA franchise partners can generate significant incomes.  Many members of our network are able to create genuine wealth for themselves and their families; others have developed investment property portfolios with funds generated by the business. Most have been able to educate their children privately, pay off their mortgages or fund lavish holidays. Others spend their earnings on nice cars, as you can see!

Enjoying the Journey

Establishing any business takes hard graft, so we like to have a little fun along the way. We call our regular events ‘Enjoying the Journey’ and they include cycling, track days, attending sporting events and sailing. As our MD Rob Allison says “when you look back on your time with ERA, we want you to remember the fun you had along the way as well as the money you made.”

Funding Your Future

ERA UK recommends using BFA affiliated lawyers, and accountants and banks that understand franchising.

When considering your franchise the cost and expense – and forward budgeting – needs to be taken seriously. Nobody wins if a potential franchisee overstretches themselves or builds in too much risk to their decision-making.

During the business set-up period of the first 12-18 months it is important that you are funded properly, so that you take the fear and worry out of starting your new business.

We recognise that around half of those who join ERA UK require bank funding. So we have arranged for the franchising banks to lend to potential ERA UK franchise partners with the correct circumstances, up to 70% of the total set up costs (franchise fee + working capital for 12-18 months + living costs for the first 12-18 months) while you provide the 30% from a proven source.