Peregrine LiveFoods

What do locusts, lorries and litho printers all have in common?

For Peregrine LiveFoods’ Head of Finance, Jo Healy, they form part of a complex and specialist sales chain upon which the business relies. Managing such niche cost centres proved to be time-consuming and inevitably, in some cases, outside the scope of her expertise. With the additional challenge of implementing an online payment system, Jo enlisted the help of Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) to provide expert advice and crucial resource.

Peregrine LiveFoods is one of the most respected specialist wholesalers in the UK. The company provides all the equipment, frozen and live foods for the care of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Discerning customers include specialist reptile shops as well as general pet shops, wholesalers, zoos and rescue centres. Peregrine’s livestock list comprises mostly of captive bred animals. Great for customers, tricky for operations and logistics!

Streamlining the most unusual of sales processes and supply chains

ERA Client Relationship Manager Andrew Beer specialises in managing relationships to a client’s best advantage and identifying projects for long-term benefits. He reached out to Jo after recognising that Peregrine LiveFoods was a business in which he felt he could make a significant impact. After an initial discussion to identify the most painful and urgent areas of need, Andrew introduced Jo to courier specialist, Simon Perkins, as he believed Simon could offer one of the bespoke solutions that Jo needed.

Impressed with the service from both Andrew and Simon, Jo awarded Andrew a further three projects on which to concentrate. The nature of the business was undoubtedly challenging but Andrew, confident that he could match the right specialist with the projects, assembled his team and got to work.

How it works

“We’re able to secure best prices and identify best-fit suppliers. As a network we produce such varied and detailed tenders so often that we know what good looks like. We know who the best suppliers are for which services and we know how to obtain the best prices. In house procurement and buying teams rarely have that luxury,” explains Andrew.

ERA help suppliers to see their customers as partners and to understand that working together increases the longevity and mutual benefits of a relationship. It’s not all about change; often, retaining an existing supplier with improved terms is the most beneficial route for the client as it is a low financial, reputational and supply chain risk. However, as all smart business managers know, value doesn’t just come in the headline savings, it’s the long-term value added, efficiencies gained and minimised risks that can make a difference.

“The courier and card payment projects have had the biggest impact on the business. But for everything Andrew has worked on we’ve seen savings or better service. The courier project has a big financial impact because of the big monthly savings and being able to take card payments online is just a no-brainer. Going forward, authorising payment before stock leaves is a big deal for us. It’s not just a financial gain, we reduce risk by doing it. The scale of the projects and the expertise required meant that big jobs like these sit around waiting to be done. Unless you have lots of internal resource, you just never get the opportunity. Having ERA take all the hard work away from me and deliver these results was just brilliant. I can’t imagine not working with Andrew and the team going forwards,” enthuses Jo Healy.

  • Couriers: 7%
  • Packaging: 11%
  • Card Payments: 49%
  • Copiers & Managed Print: 58%
added value
  • Reduced financial risk
  • Access to specialist cost centre experts
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Identify potential future savings

“We can’t specialise in everything ourselves but by using ERA, we get to use their specialists when and where we need them the most. That sort of on-tap expertise and resource is invaluable.”

Jo HealyHead of Finance

Andrew matched courier specialist Simon Perkins to the project. Peregrine now enjoy the benefits of Simon’s expertise as a member of their team, always on hand should his guidance or input be needed.

Pain Points:

  • Very unusual products
  • Outsized items, don’t stack neatly
  • Multiple approaches by new suppliers
  • No internal time/resource to review

Savings, efficiencies and peace of mind:

  • Retained incumbent suppliers. Still best-fit and can facilitate
    all Peregrine’s needs
  • 7% saving secured per annum whilst maintaining
    existing relationship
  • Quarterly audits in place to review prices charged on every item
    and refunds obtained if needed
  • High quality, accurate management information generated
copiers & managed print

Managed print expert Andrew Kinnear reviewed a quote already on the table and discovered a 100% cost increase hidden over the lifetime of the contract. He re-tendered the project, introduced potential suppliers and managed their handover.

Pain Points:

  • Print most of own marketing collateral
  • Very high ink and paper consumption
  • Poor service from current supplier
  • No internal time/resource to review

Savings, efficiencies and peace of mind:

  • Prevented the implementation of a new contract that would have increased costs by >100%
  • 58% saving secured per annum with best-fit and accurate terms of service
  • Exceptional levels of customer service being experienced
  • Smooth handover, roll-out of printers and MFDs with no drop in productivity levels

A huge area of spend for Peregrine LiveFoods, and one where quality and service simply cannot be compromised. Andrew brought in managed services specialist Anthony Kinder to thoroughly review and re-tender this vital cost centre.

Pain Points:

  • Eclectic mix of packaging required
  • Security and safety: handler and product
  • Must arrive live and in good condition
  • No internal time/resource to review

Savings, efficiencies and peace of mind:

  • Evaluated multiple alternatives for cost, service and experience
  • Independently verified current supplier is best-of-breed
  • 11% saving secured per annum whilst maintaining a trusted, well-running supplier relationship
card payments

As well as saving money, on Peregrine’s ‘wish list’ was an online payments system. To facilitate, payments specialist Paul Davidson was allocated to the project. His expertise and knowledge in this critical area was vital to define and present a clear structure and introduce a best-fit supplier.

Pain Points:

  • Need for secure online web payments
  • Payment contracts notoriously complex
  • Coordination of multiple parties involved
  • Banking legislation and regulations
  • No internal expertise to undertake

Savings, efficiencies and peace of mind:

  • Specialist knowledge of suppliers who will pass on savings from recent legislation changes
  • Review of complex contract with Jo Healy to ensure understanding and agreement
  • 49% saving per annum on supplier chosen prior to project
  • Significant financial gain and reduction of risk as payment taken prior to goods being dispatched