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nfsbfront2-2The National Franchise Exhibition: 4th & 5th October 2013

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) are excited to be exhibiting at the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham on the 4th and 5th October 2013.

The UK and Ireland’s leading Specialist Procurement Franchise will once again be leading by example, with an action packed two days including ‘Executives in Franchising’ seminars, and ‘Real Franchisee Stories’ panel sessions.

This is in addition to bringing a team of experts and franchise partners from ERA, so that attendees visiting the show can get answers to the questions that are of interest including:

  • Why do ERA franchise partners earn more on average than their competitors?
  • What does it take to build a successful business?
  • How much support does the UK franchisor provide?

The National Franchise Exhibition is the only franchise exhibition in Birmingham to be supported by the British Franchise Association (bfa) and only allows franchise companies that have met the Association’s code of ethics to exhibit at the event.

For advance tickets to the franchise exhibition, please click here.

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Lorraine Gannon

Lorraine Gannon Testimonial

“I successfully signed my first client a week after completing training because I followed the ERA franchise model to the letter.”

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St John Rowntree

St John Rowntree Testimonial

“The lifestyle benefits of joining Expense Reduction Analysts are well documented; I have a lot more holidays than I used to, and I don’t have to ask people for permission to go away, I’ve paid off my mortgage, I’ve just bought a brand new kitchen for cash, I’m about to buy a brand new Mercedes for cash.”

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Debjani Duncan

Debjani Duncan Testimonial

“After speaking with other members of the ERA network, it was clear that the franchise model just works – these were people like myself who are now their own boss, making good money and having a life outside of work. I wanted that and now I have it.”

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Keith Copestake

Keith Copestake Testimonial

“Being my own boss gives me the control to plan my work schedule. I can fly over to my ‘Spanish office’ and enjoy the sunshine whilst working and I’m hoping to spend between 3 and 4 months of the year there on working holidays.”

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Steve Whitlam

Steve Whitlam Testimonial

“When I joined ERA back in 2001, I always saw it as a 20 year venture and am I doing well so it just makes sense to continue the success of my business.”

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Clive Cowan

Clive Cowan Testimonial

“ERA stood head and shoulders above everybody else. What clinched it for me in the end, though, were the people. I would find it hard to work for somebody else again. I’m working for myself, which is exactly what I wanted.”

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Derek Hodd

Derek Hodd Testimonial

“I actually enjoy what I do, I do it because I enjoy it and I earn money out of it and I think that is a very special thing to have.”

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Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson Testimonial

“What attracted me to ERA is that they have expertise in over 100 cost areas, providing more opportunities for income. I felt that that their competitors are such a long way behind…… I should have joined ten years ago.”

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Bruce Murray

Bruce Murray Testimonial

“The openness of the organisation was very refreshing. I immediately recognised that these were all very high calibre individuals. With the help of ERA, I am well on the way to growing my own successful business.”

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Adam Wheatley

Adam Wheatley Testimonial

“I am absolutely 100% glad that I have done it, the fact that I am still doing it after eleven years is evidence of that, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

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Steve Cummings

Steve Cummings Testimonial

“I have found the support to be exceptional.  The Academy Business Manager has demonstrated a genuine on going interest and involvement in my business. There is a real desire within Expense Reduction Analysts to see the ‘new kids’ do well.”

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David Rogers

David Rogers Testimonial

“It’s been 12 years and I still very much enjoy what I do. My business has grown each year and the financial rewards have been beyond my expectations. I can fit my work around my personal schedule so I still have time for the things I enjoy.”

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Paul Davidson

Paul Davidson Testimonial

“I’m always mindful of the future and I want to keep growing my business. The key is to build strong relationships and the money will follow. This is a full time commitment and people who work hard will succeed.”

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Miles Ashworth

Miles Ashworth Testimonial

“After doing my due diligence with other Cost Reduction franchise opportunities, I could see that there was a greater opportunity with ERA. I love my business and ERA has given me the lifestyle I wanted.”

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Sean Bingham

Sean Bingham Testimonial

“All in all, my experience in working in the Expense Reduction Analysts network has borne out the optimism I had at the start.”

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Simon Webb

Simon Webb Testimonial

“There’s so much support and advice available to make your business a success. It immediately made me think, yes, these are the type of people I want to work with.”

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Tracy Follows

Tracy Follows Testimonial

“There is always someone to talk to. Not only when you need help, but also when you experience success, the network is genuinely happy to share in your success.”

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Jason Adderley

Jason Adderley Testimonial

“My target was to be earning NET of six figures, and that is where I am at the end of my second year. It has provided me with the flexibility in working hours. I can work late one night if I want to, or to take an afternoon off to go to the park with my daughter.”

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